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Emblem (W)(Wrapped)The goal of The Affiliate Network is to inform our readers, foster debate about the substance of global issues, and promote the expertise of our Affiliates. We’re happy to hear your voice and get your message out so here are some guidelines to make it look professional. If you need additional help, please don’t hesitate to ask. WordPress is not for the faint of heart.

1) Submission

 2) Style Conventions

  • Take advantage of formatting tools under the “Toolbar Toggle” but please do not change font colors or your post may not be visible.
  • We highly encourage use of the “Block Quote” and “Insert Link” functions to give credit to your sources, build the network, and boost the search engine exposure of your work.
  • Ours and Theirs: The Affiliate Network’s readership is indeed global, so references to “us” and “them” should be avoided in favor of specific references such as “Afghan leaders”, “the Indian economy”, “Chinese military spending”, etc..
  • Explain terms: Acronyms, colloquialisms, and terms of art may not be universally understood; please provide explanations accordingly.  Spell out acronyms where they first appear.
  • American spelling: The Affiliate Network prefers American spellings (defense, mobilization, armor) as we are an equal opportunity employer of letters including the “Z”.  However, as a global outfit, we will accommodate our many fantastic colleagues educated in the Commonwealth tradition (defence, mobilisation, armour). We demand only that the style remain consistent throughout.
  • Languages: Posts will be published in the English language only. Exceptional cases will be negotiated individually. In these instances, the author must demonstrate a compelling reason to reach a non-English speaking audience.
  • In text translation: Phrases or words in languages other than English must be italicized and translated in parenthetical notes immediately following the foreign word or phrase. For example: “lakukanlah (just do it)”. Foreign words that have come into common use in the English language are exempted. For example: “jihad”, “coup d’état”, “run amok”.
  • The Blogmaster’s word is supreme on matters of basic style and format as noted in this guide, however content and overall presentation remain the purview of the author.

3) Images

  • Please insert at least one image to accompany your post. Set one of them as the FEATURED IMAGE. Failure to do this will make your post show as a blank spot on The Affiliate Network homepage and on the Navisio Global social media feed.
  • Captioning photos is encouraged but not required. Please center your captions.
  • Notify us if you encounter any difficulties uploading images.

4) Copyediting

  • Enter TAGS. Try to use those already existing. This will help your post to gain visibility as well as those written by other Affiliates
  • Select the appropriate CATEGORY. Limit the selection to one or two.
  • Hit the PREVIEW button and run through the text to check for formatting and spelling errors, passive voice, and other common issues.
  • If you’re a member of an organization such as the U.S. Military, please include a standard disclaimer of the “…not the views of Whomever” variety. This protects you more than it protects The Affiliate Network.
  • Sign off with a brief, italicized third-person bio (approximately 2-3 lines).  For example:

Dr. Evel is an expert on North Korean agricultural policy and author of ‘Just One Calorie, Not Evel Enough’. He is a post-doctoral fellow at the Evel Institute for Moral Hazard where he is also Dean of Evel Academics and its only graduate.”

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO): choose a FOCUS KEYWORD and enter a meta description and excerpt. Doing this well increases your exposure on search engines. Once complete, the PAGE ANALYSIS tab reveals some very interesting insights that can help target your work more effectively.
  • Select “Save Draft” or “Save as Pending” (NOT Publish”)
  • Email the editorial team at to let us know when it’s saved for posting and if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

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